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Panel: Author Business Models: Concepts, Caveats and Collaborations

Format: Video

Audience: Advanced

Michael’s presentation focuses on the business models often used in indie publishing, with a specific look at advanced collaboration business models LMBPN is presently rolling out.

In this session you’ll learn:

  •    Types of common business models in Indie publishing
  •    The Collaboration business model and the benefits and pitfalls to look out for
  •    The concepts behind the advanced Distributed Collaboration business model
  •    Some caveats when we started building our ZOO collaboration universe
  •    An interview with Draft2Digital regarding their Universes offer.

Michael Anderle


Mr. Anderle is a Dragon Award finalist as co-author with Mr. Craig Martelle for the Best Military Science Fiction novel of the year for 2018. As an independent author, Mr. Anderle is usually ranked in the top 100 authors in the Amazon store and in 2017, Apple news posted an article by BookRiot naming Mr. Anderle among the top 20 fan favorite independent authors. Mr. Anderle is considered an industry expert and is asked to speak or lead several industry panels including in conferences such as WorldCon, DragonCon and 20Books to 50K. Most Recently, Mr. Anderle has most recently been featured in Publisher’s Weekly. 

Mr. Anderle established a Facebook group of independent authors to discuss and share industry knowledge. The group began with only a few members two years ago and it has grown to over 27,000 author members.

Mr. Anderle has sold over 3,000,000 books worldwide either under his name alone or as a collaborator with other well known authors.

Mr. Anderle has also established a publishing company called LMBPN® (for London, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, New York) www.lmbpn.comwhich has authors from the USA, Australia, England, Canada, and various other countries around the world. The company works with editors based in South Africa and artists in Transylvania and even a Canadian artist who lives with his family in Mexico. Mr. Anderle’s books have been translated into German and Spanish and he has a major global fan base. The next goal is to have Mr. Anderle’s books published in China in Chinese language and eventually for LMBPN® to publish books from Chinese authors and translate them into English.

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