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Michael Webb

Reaching Readers from A Standing Start

Audience: Newer authors or those yet to build a large following

You wrote a book…but how do you sell your book when no one knows who you are? Join me to find out! In this workshop, you’ll learn tips and tricks to reach readers and build a following when you don’t already have name recognition, a large mailing list, or a great social media following.

In this session, you will learn:

- The most important avenues to reach readers that ALL authors should make sure they’re using.
- The creative outside-the-box ideas I used (but many authors don’t) to reach new readers and sell 20,000 copies of my debut novel in its first year.
- What ideas DIDN’T work for me, so you can avoid wasted effort.

Michael Webb

Michael Webb is a young adult fantasy author from Atlanta in the United States. Michael’s debut novel, the Last Shadow Knight, has sold over 26,000 copies and has over 2,000 Amazon ratings in its first 18 months. He followed up his debut work with 2 more books to complete the Shadow Knights Trilogy, and he has several more books on the way.

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