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Alex Newton

Understanding the Market-Driven Reader-Connection

Audience: All Levels

Writing a book is a primarily creative endeavour. While good marketing requires creativity, getting your work of art into the hands of many readers can be a much more mundane and commercially-driven undertaking. How can you best combine the two worlds?

By the end of this session, you will:

  • Learn the 7+ factors that connect your book with your target market
  • Understand the relationship between readers and genre segments
  • Know how market data can help you build more profitable connections

Alex Newton

Founder and CEO

Alex is the founder of, a leading provider of market research services for authors and publishers. For the past eight years, Alex and his team have analyzed millions of books. Why? - So that you do not have to. If you love to write but hate math, this session is for you. Alex will help us navigate the Amazon jungle of sales ranks, categories, keywords, pricing, KU vs. Non-KU, trends, competition, and more to connect with your readers.

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