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Alex Newton

Find Your Amazon Niche and Comparable Authors

Audience: All Levels

Want to spot winning trends, categories, and niche genres?
Join K-lytics CEO, Alex Newton, as he explains three "market forces" you must know if you publish on Amazon, including:
  1. The fundamentals and pitfalls of Amazon sales ranks, categories, and bestseller information.
  2. How the right Amazon data can help you save time, money, creative resources – and sell more books.
  3. Differences between the audiobook vs e-book market potential by genre.

By the end of this session you will:

Have learned the short and simple steps that enable you to find and utilize the best categories and trends that are right for you, your books and your writing and publishing goals.

Alex Newton

K-lytics CEO

Alex Newton is the founder of, a leading provider of book market research. His Genre Reports and Amazon category performance database have brought the power of "Big Data" to the indie publishing world. Alex's research from analyzing millions of books over the last five years has helped thousands of authors to spot opportunities, sell books in attractive market niches, and optimize their book marketing.

Alex spent more than 20-years in top management consulting for Fortune 500 companies.  He lives in Switzerland with his wife and daughter and looks forward to joining us to share his latest market insights.

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