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Cara Stein

Session: Structure Your Nonfiction Book to Sell and Build Your Fan Base

Audience: All Levels

For non-fiction writers, publishing a bestselling book is the best way to become recognized as THE expert on your topic. But that only works if the book connects with the right people, showcases your expertise, and sells. In Cara’s session, she’ll discuss how to plan and structure your book to be irresistible to your ideal readers, make a connection with them, and motivate them to join your mailing list so you’ll have even more buyers for your next book.

Cara Stein


Cara Stein is an idealist who has stopped trying to play it cool. She believes the only reason people don’t like business or marketing is that they don’t know how to do it well—yet. She’s often praised for her no-bullshit style and her wry humor.Cara has been helping people finish and publish their books since 2012. She’s guided over 200 books through the publishing process. She’s also the author of five books of her own. Her peeves include chipmunks, fakery, and the word “peeve.”

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