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Jane Steen

Session: What to Get Right Before You Publish

Audience: All Levels

A discussion about the importance of getting things right before you publish. Robin will speak about creating a professional book (editing, layout and design); Jane Steen on creating multiple formats and Jane Friedman on optimizing metadata (title, description, subjects, keywords, ISBN, etc). Orna will outline how to set creative intentions and goals and a plan to reach those goals, while Alan will reveal a case study about getting it wrong and how to make it right

Jane Steen


Jane Steen is the author of the House of Closed Doors series and the Scott-De Quincy Mysteries. The first book in the latter series, Lady Helena Investigates, was runner-up in last year’s Selfies award at the London Book Fair. She writes books that are a blend of mystery and saga, set in the late nineteenth century.
Jane is British but spent 16 years in Belgium and 20 years in the US before returning to live on the south coast of England. Before she began writing fiction she had a varied career in administrative posts, mostly in politics, political lobbying, or law, that always turned into jobs involving writing. She then moved through real estate marketing, fundraising, and freelance corporate communications before the fiction took over. Somehow she found the time to marry an American and raise two American daughters.

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