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Kathryn Goldman
Kathryn Goldman

The Craft of Writing Good Agreements with Speaker Q&A

Audience: All Levels

Writing good agreements is easy. Writing bad agreements is really easy. Successful creatives sign agreements of all types. Understanding contract structure and the meaning of key provisions will keep you out of bad deals, help you negotiate the deal you want, and save you money when working with your lawyer.

By the end of this session, you will learn:

  • pointers for working with folks in other states or countries
  • tips for finding the hidden traps in “boilerplate” legalese
  • negotiation strategies to change deal terms you don’t like
  • the best ways to resolve contract disputes before they happen

If there is a contract in the future of your creative career, this session is for you.

Kathryn Goldman

Intellectual Property Attorney

Kathryn Goldman is an intellectual property and internet law attorney. She helps creative professionals and entrepreneurs protect their work so they can profit from it. From copyright and content protection, trademark basics and branding, to business building, Kathryn offers the practical business and legal perspective creatives need when making the move from artist to entrepreneur.

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