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Luciano Pesci

How Authors can use Surveys to Sell more Books

Audience: All Levels

What’s in a Survey?

Surveys are a powerful way for authors to uncover market insights. Because surveys provide an unbiased peek into the readers’ hearts and minds, they are the fastest, most cost-effective way to stay ahead of market trends. Their data provides key insights at every stage of the writing journey, and allow authors to gather better feedback from their Beta Readers and connect with the ideal candidates for their Street Team and ARCs.

By the end of this session you will:

Know how to use surveys to keep readers engaged, identify the stories fans are hungry for next, and uncover scalable ways to sell more books.

Luciano Pesci


Luciano is an economist, futurist, data scientist focused on technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and asteroid mining. and founder and CEO of Emperitas, a business intelligence solution that combines data science with agile research and economic modeling. In his free time, Luciano enjoys reading about history and society as inspiration for his science fiction series.

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