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Vikki J. Carter
Vikki J. Carter

Doing Research Well: Spend Less time for Better Results

Audience: All Levels

Research doesn't have to be distracting and time-consuming. This session from an experienced librarian shows indie authors how to structure their research time and organize their sources, to enhance the time they have for writing.

By the end of this session, you will learn:

  • How to leverage search engines like Google and Wikipedia
  • How to go beyond Google and Wikipedia
  • How to organize research
  • How to structure research time

Vikki J. Carter

The Author's Librarian

As a professional librarian and author, Vikki J. Carter, The Author's Librarian, reveals the techniques that librarians use to help writers effectively find valuable sources. Vikki’s book, Research Like A Librarian is available now. You can learn more about The Author’s Librarian, future online courses, listen to her podcast, gain access to the free Author’s Librarian Checklist: Avoiding Plagiarism, or watch her YouTube channel by visiting the website at

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