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Silver Sponsor: Prestozon

The Most Powerful Amazon Advertising Software.

Prestozon Co-Founders Ben, Chris and Dana were Amazon Sellers when they decided to spin off their internal bid optimization software into its own product. Just like you, they’re no strangers to the Amazon Seller hustle: they know all about sourcing products at Hong Kong trade shows, hand-modeling in promotional videos, and fighting for the buy box. Meanwhile, they were using their software expertise to develop internal automation tools to fill gaps in the available Amazon infrastructure. The reason Prestozon works so well is because it wasn’t built by some software engineers in an ivory tower and it isn’t some imperfect port of existing advertising software from Facebook or Google ads. It was developed from the ground up for actual Amazon Sellers by actual Amazon Sellers.

Our analytics are best in class because we designed them to display Amazon PPC data the way we as sellers wanted to visualize the data. Our bid optimization algorithm works because it was developed through years of vigorous real world testing - through our managed services in the early days and now through our partnerships with leading agencies. Our keyword promotion rules were developed to allow for search term migration between ad groups so you don’t have to scour the search term reports anymore. All of these functions were designed to give back what we know is the Amazon Seller’s most valuable resource, time.

Prestozon is a platform built out of years of Amazon experience by people who have lived on the front line of the Amazon PPC arms race. We built a high level programming language for Amazon ads because, when we were sellers, that is what we needed.


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