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Everything You Need To Know About Attending #SelfPubCon 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Attending #SelfPubCon 2020

Attend SelfPubCon 2020: Free Pass Holders

Spring 2020 SelfPubCon will run for 24 hours on Saturday March 14th at 10am London Time, featuring live sessions from London Book Fair, alongside other video and audio sessions.

24 session in all, over 24 hours. The most up-to-date information from the most knowledgeable self-publishing speakers and advisors. Plus:

  • live-tweeting
  • competitions
  • giveaways and more.

Get your free three days pass:  here.

If you wish to attend after that, you'll need to sign up for an All-Access Pass (see below)

Free Pass Holders: Attending Self-PubCon On Conference Day:

Once live, you'll see the presentations unroll on the session feed (home page) below, hour after hour. One session per hour, on the hour.

  • As sessions go live, they move from the "Upcoming Agenda" page to the home "Session Feed" page.
  • Scroll up and down this, the session feed on the home page to browse the sessions that are already live.
  • Click the title of the session that interests you on either agenda or home page. That will take you to the presentation page for that particular session. There you can read all about the session and speaker. Hit play to watch the session (check the time if the presentation is not showing for you; it may not be live yet)
  • You can also enter for a giveaway if that speaker has provided one.
  • To get the most from the conference, join the speakers, sponsors and other authors who will be live-tweeting throughout the day and night on Twitter on the hashtag: #selfpubcon2020.

How to Access SelfPubCon Forever

It's also possible to purchase All-access Passes to the conference. Self Pub Con Six Month Access PassSelf Pub Con All Access Pass Lifetime

There are two options: A six-month pass. And a lifetime pass.

  • The Six-month All-Access Pass will give you access not just to this conference, but to all past (from 2018) SelfPubCons too for six months. That's 100+ sessions so far of the best indie author education available anywhere on the internet.
  • The Lifetime All-Access Pass will give you access to all past conferences and all the conferences yet to come, year after year.


If you have any questions leave us a note in the comments box below, send us an email or tweet us @IndieAuthorALLi. Look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. It was a challenge getting on, but I’ve finally figured out where I’m supposed to be. Thank you. I do miss the transcript ability for the video’s, I got the synopsis for Sacha’s first one on hero’s but I like to read, especially when there’s nothing on the screen. This makes it more like a podcast, and I don’t retain as much information when I am not ‘involved’ Really liked the way it was set up last year. Thank you for doing this by the way. It is appreciated.

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