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What is the Self-Publishing Advice Conference?

#SelfPubCon is an online conference for independent authors, that delivers the most up-to-date content, interviews, panels and presentations to empower authors be more successful in producing and selling great books and reaching more readers.

We bring you all the latest tips, techniques and tools that enable you to publish well, consistently increase your book sales (ebooks, paperbacks, hardbacks, audiobooks) and grow your author business.

No tricks or short-term gaming tools. Just reliable information that will enable you to build a successful and sustainable author business, over time.

All speakers are carefully vetted by the Alliance of Independent Authors, so this is information that you can truly trust.

How Does It Work?

As this is a digital conference, all our presentations are online. On conference day we release a new presentation every hour, on the hour for you to watch. Twenty-four sessions over 24 hours, so that no matter where you are in the world you can enjoy new content, competitions and tweeting.

When is it?

We run #SelfPubCon twice a year, spring and autumn: in association with the London Book Fair (UK, Spring) and Digital Book World (US, Fall)

Our next conference is in association with the London Book Fair and will run for a twenty-four-hour period starting at 10am (BST) on Saturday 16th March, 2020 and finishing at 10am on Sunday 17th March.

How do I participate in the next conference?

The best way to participate is to pre-register for the event.  That way you won’t miss out on anything. You’ll receive notifications straight to your inbox to let you know about forthcoming sessions and when the conference has started, as well as speaker reveals and advanced information.

You will also receive a three-day free pass to the next conference and information about post-conference discounts for a lifetime, all-access pass to all conferences, past and future.

You can sign up here.


How long are the sessions available for free?

For pre-registered viewers, the sessions are freely available for three days the 24 hours of the conference and 48 hours thereafter.

How Do I Get My Free Pass?

Sign up right here.

Where Do I find the Sessions on Conference Day?

On conference days, the sessions will begin to unroll on our blog feed at at 10am London time.

Refresh the webpage every hour to load a new session. Twenty-four sessions across 24 hours.

What’s the theme of the next #SelfPubCon?

The theme of the Spring 2020 #SelfPubCon will be: You and Your Readers. The theme of the Fall 2019 #SelfPubCon was: Sell More Books.

Who is speaking?

You can find all of our most recent, and forthcoming, speakers here. To find out more about a speaker or their presentation, simply click the ‘More Information’ button under their names.



How Do I Purchase A Lifetime All-Access Pass?

If you’d like to purchase an all-access pass which gives you access to over 100+ sessions from industry experts, you can do that right here.

You’ll have lifetime access to both the current conference and all conference from 2018 to date.

How Much Does An All-Access Pass Cost?

The regular price of a pass is $199USD. Your access pass means you can watch and re-watch the presentations as many times and as often as you like.

Is There A Discount Price?

Yes. For four days after each conference, pre-registered users who signed up for the three-day free pass will also be given a post-conference discount of 50%.

How Do I Get a Discounted All-Access Pass?

You must be pre-registered during the access pass discount period to receive your half-price code. It will be sent to you by email.



Why Should I Become An Affiliate for the Conference?

As an affiliate, you get a shareable link for the conference that’s assigned to you personally.

If any of your readers, friends or colleagues use that link and visit the conference and then subsequently purchase an all-access pass (within six months of the conference), you’re entitled to 50% of that sale.

During the discounted period, all-access passes are $99 and afterwards they revert to the standard price of $199, you’ll receive 50% of whatever sale is made when someone uses your link.

How Do I Become An Affiliate for the Conference?

If you’re an ALLi member and would like to become an affiliate member, please visit and sign in.

Once signed in, hover over the ‘advice’ menu. Click ‘conference’.

There you will see instructions on how to sign up as an affiliate.


What if I want to share information about #selfpubcon via my social media channels?

Please do, yes! Use the #SelfPubCon hashtag or tag us on twitter @indieauthoralli, and if you wish use these social messages:

Calling all #writers join the FREE online self-publishing advice conference today #selfpublishing #IARTG #ASMRG #amwriting #writingcommunity #writetip Click To Tweet

How Do I Connect With Speakers and Other Attendees on the Day?

We live-tweet throughout the conference so follow @IndieAuthorALLi and the hashtag #SelfPubCon hashtag to be part of the action

What if I Have More Questions?

Contact me, Sacha Black, for more information.

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