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See below for instructions on how to attend the Self-Publishing Advice Conference free for three days or how to purchase an All-Access pass

How to Access SelfPubCon: Three Free Days

If you are not a member of ALLi, you can attend SelfPubCon free of charge for three days at conference time: Register here.

To watch the replays after the three-day free period, you must register for a six-month or a lifetime All-Access Pass.

How to Access SelfPubCon: ALLi Member

If you are an ALLi member, outside of conference time you can get a free coupon code in the ALLi member zone. More here.


How to Access SelfPubCon: On Conference Day

Once registered and live, you'll see the presentations unroll on the Session Feed page. One session per hour, on the hour.

  • As sessions unroll, they move from the Upcoming Agenda page to the Session Feed.

  • Clicking the title of the session that interests you on either Agenda or Session pages will take you to the presentation page for that session. There you can read all about the session and speaker.

  • Hit play to watch the session once live (check the time if the presentation is not showing for you; it may not be live yet)

  • You can also enter for a giveaway if that speaker has provided one.

  • You can scroll up and down the Session Feed home page to browse sessions that have gone live.

    To get the most from the conference, join the speakers, sponsors and other authors who will be live-tweeting throughout the 24 hours and beyond on Twitter on the hashtag  #selfpubcon

How to Access SelfPubCon For Six Months

You can purchase a six-month pass which gives you access to this year's content for six months instead of three days PLUS access to all past SelfPubCons too.

That's 100+ sessions of the best indie author education available anywhere on the internet.

All you need, all together, for you to learn from any time you want.

Purchase your Six-Month Pass here 

How to Access SelfPubCon Forever

It's also possible to purchase a lifetime All-Access Pass which gives you access to this year's content forever PLUS access to all past, and all future, SelfPubCons too.

Not only 100+ sessions of the best indie author education already available but unlimited lifetime access to all upcoming conferences too. Twice a year. Every year.

Purchase your Lifetime All-Access Pass here

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