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Sacha Black Conference Manager

Sacha Black Conference Manager

“Hello and welcome to the Self-publishing Advice Conference, the online self-publishing conference for authors, brought to you by ALLi (the Alliance of Independent Authors).

Our fall conference #SelfPubCon2019 is in association with Digital Book World 2019. It runs for 24 hours online, from 10am London time, Saturday September 14th to Sunday September 15th 2019.

Registration (below, under the clock) is completely free. Sign up to receive details about how to attend, what to expect and to get our updates on speakers and topics.

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Our next online conference for authors runs in association with the Digital Book World, September 2019.

Register now and we'll send details of our speakers, sessions, sponsors and competitions closer to the time.

Hosted by the non-profit Alliance of Independent Authors. Always free.

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