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Write A Book To Boost Your Business
Session: Author Business Models: Concepts, Caveats and Collaborations

Session:  Write a Book To Boost Your Business

Format: Video

Audience: All Levels

Why Every Business Owner Should Write And Publish A Book – because all writer entrepreneurs and businesses want to make money, right? Boni Wagner of Ingenium books digs into the secrets to how to write a book to boost your business. There’s a whole new way to look at your return on investment from writing and publishing a book about your business and it goes far beyond book sales. This session explains the five secrets to publishing a book that clarifies your business focus and target audience, increases your brand awareness, lead generation, client bookings, referrals, speaking engagements, and more. Your book can be your business’s key marketing tool and sales driver. Here’s how.

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Boni Wagner-Stafford

Co-Founder, Executive Editor at Ingenium Books

Boni Wagner-Stafford is an award-winning former journalist, author, content strategist, author coach, co-founder and executive editor at Ingenium Books. Be sure to check out Ingenium Books Sponsor page!

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