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Gold Sponsor: IngramSpark

Gold Sponsor: Ingram Spark

IngramSpark is an award-winning independent publishing platform, offering indie authors and publishers the same fully-integrated print and digital products and global distribution enjoyed by big-time publishers. Once you finish and format your book, IngramSpark makes it possible to share it with the world, allowing you to focus on creating innovative content while they do the rest: print, ship, and distribute.

The US Author’s Guild has awarded IngramSpark for Distinguished Service to the Literary Community, alongside Toni Morrison and James Patterson, which speaks to Spark’s focus on supporting the author not only as a printer and distributor but as a resource for overall publishing success.

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Limitless Options

Publish your book as you imagine it with IngramSpark’s dozens of trim sizes, premium color or crisp black and white, ebooks, hardcovers, and paperbacks. Print-on-demand technology allows you to print what you need and nothing more, so say goodbye to a garage full of inventory and only print books as they’re sold.

Global Distribution

Not only are your books printed and shipped as they’re ordered, they’re also shared with all of the places readers expect to find them. IngramSpark’s global distribution network makes your book available to more than 39,000 retailers and libraries around the world, including major and local independent bookstores, and reaches over 70 online channels, including Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about how IngramSpark supports authors and publishers, like you, produce quality publications, achieve global distribution, and access free resources to help you publish successfully, please visit their website.

It’s your content. IngramSpark helps you do more with it.

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