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Two Tools To Aid Self-Editing: Pro Writing Aid And Fictionary

Two Tools to Aid Self-Editing: Pro Writing Aid and Fictionary

Audience: All Levels

Audience: All Levels

In this session, we look at how technology can help you perform a thorough and effective self-edit to tighten and strengthen your manuscript. Kristina Stanley of Fictionary will demonstrate the key features and tools to help with story-editing, and Lisa Lepki of ProWritingAid will demonstrate the key features and tools to help with copyediting. See the software in action in a live editing session and bring all your questions to our Q&A.


Join us in the session for a 40% off discount code for ProWritingAid and a 40% discount code for one year of Fictionary Storyteller.

This is a post from the Tools and Techniques SelfPubCon. SelfPubCon (The Self-Publishing Advice Conference) is an online author event, run free twice-yearly, in association with the Alliance of Independent Authors. Join the conversation on Twitter: #selfpubcon


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Kristina Stanley


Combining her degree in computer mathematics with her success as a bestselling, award-winning author and fiction editor, Kristina Stanley is the creator and CEO of Fictionary - creative editing software for fiction writers and editors. Her novels include The Stone Mountain mystery series and Look the Other Way. She’s a passionate guide dog trainer and hiker.


Lisa Lepki


Lisa is a serious word nerd as well as the Head of Marketing at ProWritingAid and Editor of the ProWritingAid Blog. With over 15 years' experience in writing, marketing, and PR, she sometimes loves the technical elements of writing more than the writing itself. Lisa is the co-author of '20 Editing Tips from Professional Writers', 'The Novel-Writing Training Plan’ and 'Creating Legends: How to Craft Characters Readers Adore', and is currently working on her first novel. Her writing can also be found on Writer’s Digest,, The Writing Cooperative, The Write Life, DIYAuthor and many other sites for writers.


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