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#SelfPubCon23 Starts In 2 Days! Here’s Your Checklist.

#SelfPubCon23 Starts in 2 Days! Here’s your checklist.

Yes, it's almost here! #SelfPubCon23 starts in just two days at 10 am, 21st October, UK time!

You only need seven things to have a super conference: Time, space and the agenda to choose your sessions. The speaker list to know more about who's advising you, the sponsor list so you know who to thank and can avail of the great giveaways, and the session feed link to partake of the knowledge.

Oh and, of course, a social media platform to spread the word.

Below, find all that in your #SelfPubCon23 checklist

    1. The Time: Kickoff is at 10am UK BST (British Standard Time, GMT+1). (see World Clock)
    2. The Agenda
    3. The Speakers
    4. The Sponsors
    5. The Sessions - Sessions will unfold on the hour, every hour, just click into the session to open it.
    6. The Networking platform: SelfPubConnect. See our last post for more information on how this works!
    7. The Giveaways: You'll find giveaways and workbooks on each session page, if the speaker has provided them and on our giveaways page (once live).

See you on Saturday!

P.S: Our speaker bookstore for 2023 is now live - take a look!

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