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#SelfPubMiniCon22 Starts In 3 Days! Here’s Your Checklist!

#SelfPubMiniCon22 Starts in 3 Days! Here’s your checklist!

Yes, it's almost here! #SelfPubMiniCon22 starts in just three days at 6pm, 16th April, UK time!

You only need seven things to have a super conference: Time, space and the agenda to choose your sessions. The speaker list to know more about who's advising you, the sponsor list so you know who to thank and can avail of the great giveaways, and the session feed link to partake of the knowledge.

Oh and, of course, a social media platform to join in the chat.

Below, find all that in your #SelfPubMinCon22 checklist

  1. The Time: Kickoff is at 6pm UK BST (British Standard Time, GMT+1). (Find your local time here.)
  2. The Agenda
  3. The Speakers
  4. The Sponsors
  5. The Sessions
  6. The Social Media Platform: Twitter and Facebook
  7. The Giveaways: You'll find giveaways on the session pages, if the speaker/sponsor has provided them, and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

See you on Saturday!

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