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Launching The #SelfPubCon22 Speaker Bookstore

Launching the #SelfPubCon22 Speaker Bookstore

We're very excited to bring back our SelfPubCon Speaker Bookstore that we successfully launched during last year's Writing Craft for Indie Authors Conference.

If you enjoy a particular session, this is your chance to learn more directly from our wonderful team of speakers -- and of course from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Visit the Speaker Bookstore to discover books from industry experts and best-selling authors, including:

  • Alliance of Independent Authors
  • Sacha Black
  • M.K. Williams
  • Mary Kole
  • Anna Featherstone
  • Matty Dalrymple
  • Mark Leslie Lefebvre

and more!

We've included some of their fiction and poetry for fun reading, as well as lots of instructional guidebooks.

Head on over and check it out.

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