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Silver Sponsor: Gatekeeper Press

Silver Sponsor: Gatekeeper Press

Gatekeeper Press is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of SelfPubCon 2023. We are also happy to announce that the winner and first two runners up of 'The Art of the Title' competition will be receiving a combined total of $13,500 worth of Gatekeeper Press Premium Services.

Want to learn more about why Gatekeeper Press is the premier place to publish your book? Click here for a free phone consultation with one of the owners of the company.

Gatekeeper Press is the world’s premier self-publishing service provider with the tagline Where Authors are Family. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and customized one-to-one attention for our 2500+ authors.

Our authors retain 100% of their Royalties & 100% of their Ownership Rights, and they get worldwide distribution with no annual fees and no caps on sales.

Unique to our publishing house is our Author Bill of Rights, which puts in writing our 100% satisfaction guarantee on the design and layout of your book.


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