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How To Make The Most Of SelfPubCon22

How to Make the Most of SelfPubCon22

Attending SelfPubCon 2022: Reach More Readers Conference and wondering how to get the most out of the experience?

Perhaps you haven’t attended a virtual event before?

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of this annual online event.

1. Block out 29th & 30th of October 2022 in your diary
Having a couple of days to work on your business rather (than in it) is a gift. So, make sure you’ve got those days blocked out in the diary.

Timings: The conference runs from 10am October 29th to 10am October 30th (UK time). Find your local time here.

2. Add another key date to your diary
Final Day for Free Access: Ends 10am on 1st November 2022 (UK time). All sessions are freely available in replay until this date.

3. Connect with speakers, sponsors and other attendees on Twitter

Follow our Twitter list for speakers and sponsors. Make lists of others attending the event who you’d like to connect with.

Create your own shareable #SelfPubCon2022 images with our Canva Templates. Let people know you're attending.

4. Keep an eye on our speaker page and research the speakers and sponsors and their sessions

You can find details of all of our fantastic speakers and sponsors on the SelfPubCon website. Click here to view a full line-up of sessions on our agenda page, or download a PDF copy here.

Keynote sessions:

  • A top-flight panel from platinum sponsor, Amazon KDP on Connecting with Readers and Driving Sales on Amazon KDP
  • Get insights into the opportunities associated with thinking globally with gold sponsor Ingram Spark 
  • How to Emotionally Reach Your Readers with Jeff Elkins, sponsored by Purple Ninja Editorial
  • Four Kinds of Digital Reader: Are you Reaching Them All? with Tara Cremin of Kobo Writing Life
  • Building a Sustainable Publishing Business with Becca Syme, sponsored by Digital Authors Toolkit
  • Find out who won our extremely popular First Line Competition as Orna Ross and Tara Cremin announce the awards, sponsored by Kobo Writing Life
  • Learn about free and paid tools to help you better understand your target readership in Free and Easy Reader Research Tools with Jane Friedman, sponsored by Girl Friday Productions

5. Plan your social media strategy
Our dedicated Twitter hashtag can be used before, during and after the event (#SelfPubCon22)— this is a great way to find and stay in touch with speakers, sponsors and other attendees. Start using it.

Hashtags can get pretty busy during events though, so using an app like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck can help you stay on top of things.

Blogging and/or creating social media content before, during and after the event is a great way to stay top of mind with speakers – and other attendees.

6. Stock up on essentials
E. g. snacks, stationery, and remember to print your session workbooks before getting started.

7. Test your tech
Check your speed!

  • Where possible, use a wired internet connection (i. e. plug directly into your router). This can greatly improve the speed and stability of your internet.
  • Close down other devices – and get the family to stay off theirs.
  • Close down apps – Close down as many apps running in the background. If you have apps running in the background, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, these can use up bandwidth and slow down your computer.

8. Schedule in time for follow up
It’s easy to leave a conference full of brilliant ideas – that’s what events are all about. Sadly, it’s just as easy to get bogged down the minute you get back to your desk, forget everything you’ve learned and not follow up on the opportunities you’ve created.

Make sure this doesn't happen to you by blocking out a few hours (ideally immediately after each session) to reflect on what you’ve learned and follow up on the connections you’ve made.

9. Don’t be a wallflower
Join in with the Twitter chat! Just follow the #SelfPubCon22 hashtag – the socialising is where the best conversations happen!

Keep an eye out for speaker Q&A's and ask your burning questions while you can.

Ask for help if you need it - we'll be monitoring social media channels and emails on the day, so do get in touch if you need help!

10. Make money from attending
Sign up as an affiliate and earn 50% of any all-access pass you sell.

11. Grab your giveaways

Many of our sessions include downloadable workbooks to help embed your learning, as well as giveaways and competitions. Be sure to check your session pages and download your freebies.

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