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Success Mindset For Authors Hiring Assisted Publishing Services

Success Mindset for Authors Hiring Assisted Publishing Services

As indie authors, a success mindset opens you up to all the opportunities that self-publishing offers. This is equally true whether you take a DIY approach or hire an assisted-publishing service. In this blog post, Rob Price, Founder & CEO of silver #SelfPubCon23 sponsors Gatekeeper Press, offers his guide to success mindset for authors who hire  a "soup-to-nuts" publishing service.

Gatekeeper Press is also sponsoring SelfPubCon's 'Art of the Title' competition, offering $13,500 worth of Gatekeeper Press Premium Services, including free premium packages and illustrated cover design, alongside ALLi's publishing pack.

Over to Rob:

Rob PriceThe book publishing world can be scary and overwhelming, especially for newcomers. I know this firsthand as a self-published author, and because we’ve worked with more than 2,500 indie authors from all over the world at Gatekeeper Press.

With the right mindset and tools, publishing a book doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Knowing what options are available to you and how to choose the right partners can make publishing your book a fun, exciting, and lucrative experience.

And authors who work with a publishing service should not hand over control, or the core qualities needed for success.

Hire the Best Possible Publishing Team

I got my start in publishing from my college dorm room 20+ years ago with no experience or knowledge about publishing. A fitness consultant at the time, I began printing and selling a one-page workout program on eBay.

The program sold well, which led me to expand it into a small booklet and eventually learn everything I could about book publishing. I studied the industry, read everything I could get my hands on.

One aspect of my success mindset was clear from the start. If I was going to be successful, I needed to do this right. I needed to build an excellent publishing team of editors and designers, establish connections with book manufacturers, and gain worldwide distribution.

Readers do judge books by their covers, and they judge authors if their books are not professionally designed or edited.

I founded Gatekeeper Press in 2015 with the specific goal of giving authors what I wished I had had going through the process on my own: a team of experienced and friendly book publishing professionals to hold my hand through the publishing process.

The best editors, designers, and formatters to assist me in producing my book, together with worldwide book distribution.

Gatekeeper Press puts this all together through a single point of contact for our authors called an Author Manager.

Authors with a mindset for success surround themselves with a premium team to get a premium product.

  • Work with the best possible editors, the best possible designers and formatters to give you the premium product you deserve.

Keep Your Rights & Royalties

In starting Gatekeeper, I also wanted to level the playing field for indie authors and open the gates to the industry for them, while ensuring they keep 100% of their ownership rights and 100% of their royalties on sales.

At Gatekeeper Press we combine this with a 100% satisfaction guarantee per our Author Bill of Rights. This puts the author in control of their own book, which is what authors with a mindset for success should want.

Your book is your precious creation.

  • Keep complete ownership. You are paying, you are the publisher. Keep your rights.
  • You have paid for a service. Keep 100% of your royalties on sales.
  • Get worldwide distribution and work with trusting publishing partners to navigate you through the process.

Find a partner that can execute these deliverables and, while accepting advice from the professionals, make sure you keep control over what your book looks like and how it reads.

If you have the right mindset for publishing, you will also have peace of mind in publishing, which is priceless.

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