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Creative Self-Publishing: Going Wide

Creative Self-Publishing: Going Wide To Optimise Platforms, Formats and Income Streams

Orna's session comes to you live from DBW conference where she will be giving a "State of the Publishing Union Address" about independent (author) publishing. Her talk focuses on what is known in the community as "going wide", the many platforms, formats and business models now open to indie authors. She offers ten possible business models an author can follow today to create a sustainable and scalable business and make a living from writing and publishing.
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Self-Editing For Indie Authors: Copyediting Techniques to Make Your Writing More Powerful

We all know that good writing is about more than just good grammar. In this session, Lisa will look at the copyediting techniques that will help improve the readability and strength of your words. With a focus on practical application of techniques, Lisa will help writers understand the disadvantages of writing issues like passive voice, nominalization, sticky sentences, overused words and much more.
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Fiction Worldbuilding for Indie Authors

Are you a fiction worldbuilding beginner? Or looking for tips and inspiration to improve your worlds? From starting out with map making, to driving deep into your world’s history, Holly and Angeline will lead you through the worldbuilding process. You’ll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to make your fantasy world a reality.
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Why Your Book Isn’t Selling And What to Do

It’s hard to know when it’s time to give up or keep pushing, and in a world where there are 4,500 books published each day, it’s easy to get lost in the flood of titles that hit Amazon. So what’s an eager author to do? Well, before you give up – let’s look at 9 things that could be wrong and how to fix them. In this session we’ll look at specific issues that seem to plague some books that just aren’t moving the needle.
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Book Publicity and PR for Indie Authors

Becoming an author has never been easier but capturing the attention of readers has never been more difficult. In this session, you'll learn how to promote your book through the media, using newspapers, magazines, radio, television, bloggers and online media to generate articles, interviews, reviews and more to attract your audience.
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