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The MASSIVE #SelfPubCon January Sale

The MASSIVE #SelfPubCon January Sale

Hello and welcome to both a New Year and a new decade! From the #selfpubcon team, we hope you all had a fabulous festive period. Today, we're calling all past attendees of the #SelfPubCon (the Self-Publishing Advice Conference), run in association with the Alliance of Independent Authors. We thought you’d be interested to know the conference is running a mega January sale.

Each conference has 24 top authors and industry professionals all sharing their very best strategies, tactics, and techniques for making and selling more books and better books.

The Fall 2019 conference included topics like:

  •     How to grasp and master Bookbub’s CPM ads
  •     How to copy write like a pro and crack your Amazon sales page
  •     Why your book isn’t selling and what you can do about it
  •     How to sell more audiobooks
  •     Top tips for video marketing
  •     How to become an Instagram influencer
  •     Who can benefit from AMS ads and how to master them.

The conference was free to watch when it was live, but after three days, it went behind a paywall. 

However, I’ve got some exciting news. SelfPubCon is having a half-price January sale. And it doesn’t just give access to this conference but to all past and future conferences too.

This lifetime access to all past, present and future conferences is already a bargain at $199, but now it’s HALF PRICE at just $99.

But hurry, it’s only on sale for a few days.

If you’d like to catch all 24 sessions from the fall conference as well as dozens of other sessions from three past conferences, as well as getting access to all the future conferences to come (London Book Fair is next in 2020), you can find out more here.


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